श्री. सद्गुरू सच्चिदानंद अडाणेश्वर समर्थ इंग्रजी स्तोत्र

II Mighty High The Lord Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar II


Sadguruhooni Dev Mottha I Jayas Vete to Karantta II Dasbodh
( He who feels The God is above Sadguru is wretched and miserable. )

Several theological doctrines and incidental various practices are like elevators to carry a devotee to the initial stage of devotion. But these elevators or staircases are not the beginning of devotion. The beginning of devotion starts only and only if you are blessed by the sight of Sadguru (The Lord of Lords). And when you meet Sadguru you realize inwardly the unequalled glory of Sadguru and there itself commences the beginning of devotion. If you linger on the trodden path in spite of meeting Sadguru, alas, it will be an ignorant devotion throwing yourself to reverse or even perverse way. When you proceed step by step in the way of devotion of Sadguru you can comprehend the genuine core of devotion and you will be able to understand "God" by the grace of Sadguru.

"Rama Krishna Dharati Pai I Tethe ltranohe Kay? II " (Even Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had to seek refuge in Sadguru-Devotion; what of the rest?) Such is the Sadguru-glory which is beyond the ken of intellect. Several are the preceptors, but the Master-Divine who is also the Lord of God of Death, is verify the manifest form of Supreme Reality. Just as by bathing in an ocean one automatically acquires the merits of bathing ir› all the Holy rivers, similarly, through Sadguru-Devotion all deities are apontaneously worshipped.
Restricted advantages of the usage in the path of devotion and the paradoxes therein, can only be comprehended in the devotion of the LIVE Teacher-Divine (Sadguru) aud the devotion of the LiVE Teacher-Divine (Sadguru) is the genuine starting point of TRUE Devotion. As stated in Dasbodh - "Parmarthache Janmasthan I Techi Sadguruche Bhajan II" (Transcendental spiritual life sprouts through Sadguru-Devotion alone.)

To contrive such Devotion the prowess of the Sadguru should be acquainted with pure mind and one has ID be prepared to face whatever ordeals that prop up in achieving the bliss of the Lord, while keeping one's ways delezable to Shri Sadguru. One has to experience - “It is easy to be loquacious but whiie practising, one gets electrocuted."- and hence one’s temperament and personality isshaped according to one’s feelings. And as per the temperament and personality everybody’s experiences will be varied. Therefore, it is worthwhile for each and everyone to understand and assimilate the glory of The Lord Adaneshwar through one’s pure judgment and self-experience and by ceaselessly yearning for Sadguru with enlightenment.


Meditation on
The Master-Divine, Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar

Om, Salutations to the Master-Divine The Lord Adaneshwar -

The Lord Adaneshwar, The Almighty in Visible form, Free from Desire, Obeisance to Thee.

The DispelIer of miseries, All-Existent, All-Intelligent, All-Blissful, The Embodiment of Eternal Peace, and the Universal Soul.

The Remover of Obstacles, Eradicator of Ailments, The Purest of the Pure, I bow to Thee.

Eternal Tranquillity, My Lord The Omniscient, I kneel before Thee.

The Help of the Helpless, Thou art beyond the Manifest and Unmanifest -- For Thy Worship.

The Saviour of the Downfallen and The Emperor of Kings, I do Obeisance to Thee.

The Universe in Form, the Radiance of the Paramount,

The Supreme Lord of Countless Solar Systems and The Dearest Object of Virtuous Devotees, Thousand Salutations to Thee.

Om, The Almighty, Master-Divine The Lord Adaneshwar my Manifold Salutations to Thee.



II Revered Obeisance to The Omnipotent Sadguru
The Teacher Divine
- The Eternal Bliss and Peace II


Oh, The Almighty, Eternally Blissful Master-Divine i bow to Thee. Ever always my deferential salutations to Thee - Oh, Sadguru - The Teacher Divine. Oh, the abode of The Holy and The Sacred, Thou art the seat of the Cosmos, The Consecrated; The Holiest original element art Thou.1.

Oh, Lord Shri Adaneshwar, The Playmate of the Devotees - Thou - the Son of Radha and Eternal Bliss — The noblest of scriptures and the life of the world Thou art, Please help me to pen Thy Psalm. 2.

Whatever that blossoms forth in the Form of Words by Thy grace and compassion, transforms itself into Nectar and is all revered by the learned.3.

If one is hallowed with Thy Holy Communion, one experiences smooth effortlessness throughout and no exertion is felt in leaping over the insurmountable.4.

Therefore, I kneel to Thee thrice. Please get the Psalm completed by occupying my heart, as Thou art the Cause and the Creator. 5.

You have designed the whole cosmic order and You permeate everything - animate and inanimate. You have enlightened the world with mystic knowledge, by incarnating Your Grace in various lands.6.

Thou art The Time of Time and hast sported Thy frolics and got different religions founded and at that every time Thou hast given Truthful lore. 7.

You are the Author of the Universe, and the Inventor of all Faiths and Gods, and hence no thought of religion and sect differences survive here.8.

Thou hast incarnated Thyself on this earth to fulfill Thy tryst in Geeta - "1 advent myself millennium after millennium." 9.

I venture now to pen Thy Psalm meditating upon Yourself and Yourself alone as Thou art the Omniscient Supreme — kneeling before Thy Lotus feet with fervid faith and devotion. 10.

Oh, the Master-Divine, Sadguru Adaneshwar - The Lord of the Ignorant and Eternal Bliss and Peace, help me to write Thy Psalm. I supplicate Your Grace as Thou art the donor of Real Perception. 11.

Now I humbly petition to all the Devotee-gentry who chant and recite Thy Psalm and who due to their previous pious deeds revel in eulogizing the Lord's glow. 12.

I am simply made an instrument - the idol of the Master-Divine is getting the Psalm penned to fulfill the desires of the devotees, by inspiring me for the cause of the devotees. 13.

The Master-Divine is to my rear, observing my little venture. I have started penning the Psalm by meditating on the Master's Lotus Feet. 14.

Now lend me your ears, to hear the Holy Psalm. Be it known that the Holy name "Dadaji" is of Adaneshwar only. 15.

Forget not, that "Dadaji" is the "Adaneshwar" - one in Form, the other Formless - both being one and the same. 16.

It was a sacred Sunday in August Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen, that the Sun of fortune arose - The Godhead incarnated Himself in Adaneshwar. 17.

The Lord Adaneshwar appeared in a tiny hamlet Kochi in Sakoli Tehaseel, Bhandara District. 18.

Radhabai - the Mother, Dhonduji Tondre the Father - both to be ever revered for all devotees. 19.

Ukandrao was the name in cradle while Dadaji is the name in common parlance. All these name formalities only for incarnation purposes. 20.

Fifteen months passed, and He came to the house of Renuka aunt at Ghatanji for starting the designed mission. 21.

Then He came to the village Anjinarsinh, and then had the blissful sight of Lord Shri Khateshwar, and since then stayed in the company of Shri Khateshwar. 22.

The Universal Infinite Adaneshwar got personified in Dadaji; Shri Khateshwar of Jodmoha is the Lord Apostle of Dadaji. 23.

Dadaji dwelt at Jodmoha for the company of the Lord Shri Khateshwar. Both used to visit Yeotmal often. 24.

Parents were concerned as the child got enchanted in the company of Shri Khateshwar, and hence they enrolled Him in a school, fruitlessly. 25.

In such a nascent age, He shepherded the cows of Lord Shri Khateshwarnath for three years. 26.

Shri Khateshwar recognised the Authority of Dadaji and divinised Him in the 'knowledge of the self', and gave to the world the Jar of Nectar, in the Form of Shri Adaneshwar. 27.

At the age of ten, after having attained the fullest grace of Shri Khateshwar, He left Jodmoha, as the wish of the Sadguru. 28.

He came to Amravati and stayed there to start off the designed commission. None understood the Authority of Dadaji. 29.

And hence for some years, He resided with devotees at Macchisath awakening and enlightening the people. 30.

For a long time He adhered to silence (mouna) and was constantly in communion with the Eternal Bliss and was Omniscient. 31.

Dadaji cherished intense love for ishwar, Allah - The Godhead -and reminisced on the sanctifying Name with great reverence. 32.

The Teacher-Divine pushes back the evils of misfortune and makes the Time kneel. He is the Godhead who never recognizes any distinction such as religion and creed. 33.

The eclipse of blaspheme has clasped the earth and therefore the entire universe has turned dark and gloomy. Consequently, The Supreme Soul had to advent physically on the earth in the form of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 34.

Saints are born in all periods, but the Origin of the Divine Essence incarnates only once after several epochs have elapsed. 35.

Whenever the Godhead descends on the earth, He always selects a new Name and Form and Field. 36.

One has to struggle hard birth after birth to have His blissful sight. He who belongs to the lineage of a Royal Goose is wide awake, but the unfortunate wakes up after - when the opportunity is missed. 37.

Therefore be steady in Devotion to realize this Godhead who has advented on the earth in the Form of Shri Adaneshwar. 38.

The more He is sought with obstinacy, the more He becomes unapproachable. It is easy to know Him if the glory of Shri Sadguru is realized. 39.

Even if a seed is opened, no one finds a tree inside. So also, even if a tree is uprooted, no one can trace its seed. 40.

Similarly, Shri Sadguru - The Supreme Lord - who is beyond the origin and the end, is the only mainstay of the whole universe. Save the devotion of Shri Sadguru; there is no other alternative for happiness and peace. 41.

That which is not acceptable to Shri Sadguru, is not tolerated by the Family-Deity. Then why yearn for anything except the devotion of Shri Sadguru? 42.

The one who is scorched in the blaze of family life, alone gets steady at the lotus feet of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar and after getting steady, one who has resolute determination, alone can settle permanently. 43.

Call not Religion to tradition. Admire not the rites and rituals. God should not be ranked above the Teacher-Divine. 44.

The devotion to The Teacher-Divine was intensely immense in the case of Ram, Krishna, Jesus and Paigambar as well as Sidhartha and Mahaveer and hence Their temples. 45.

Once you meet the Creator of such Gods - The Lord Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar - experience and feel your own uniqueness by abandoning ego. '46.

Ego and conceit develop fetish of ignorance and escalate the whirl of delusion, and render every effort to give peace to the soul, effete. 47.

The tomb, the cross, the Shaligram are not the final remedies and cannot assuage the narcissistic,proclivity. 48.

Narcissism breeds intolerance and drenches away feeling of affinity and further develops strife, kink for quarrels and fears, and apprehensions. 49.

By these, miseries cannot be put to rest; the source of happiness cannot be sighted and the abode of final beatitude of peace cannot be found even after hectic search. 50.

An aspirant has to dispel the ignorance and ferret out the gist of all Religions and get himself steady in the worship of Shri Adaneshwar after having extracted the gist. 51.

Many may be the Religions in the world - but all those religious services are just the devices to get oneself stabilized at the lotus-feet of the Lord Shri Sadguru. 52.

When one gets the 'water' of Sadguru devotion, seeds of 'faith' are sprouted and then the gentle trickles of oneness blossom the entire living creation. 53.

The scriptures do ordain that The Teacher-Divine, The Sadguru is mightier than Gods and Goddesses and therefore by worshipping Sadguru alone all deities get elated. 54.

Call not the twang of the prowess of Shri Sadguru, a 'miracle'. Perceive His pre-eminence judiciously, sloughing off ego and erudition. 55.

To the unlettered, a pure phenomenon of Nature is a 'Miracle'. But for Him, who holds the reins of the animate and inanimate - it is merely His casual 'Sport'. 56.

"Brahma has to do that which is approved by The Lord Shri Adaneshwar." This power was demonstrated at Mukutban hamlet. 57.

"Scriptures catch whatever words The Lord Shri Adaneshwar utters." The actual first hand experience of this Power was displayed at Indrapuri. 58.

The Sun appears in the sky but is seen in different countries. Similar is the experience of devotees of The Adaneshwar-Sun. 59.

Body is an instrument of acquiring transcendental wealth. Hence eradicating the bodily ailments Dadaji donated new lease of life to many. 60.

Leprosy patients, T.B. patients, patients of Anaemia and Aphthae, sufferers of Scab and Menorrhagia -- many were liberated of their miseries.61.

Diabetes, Cancer, Ulcer, such dreadful Bhogas* of innumerable devotees, were expelled by His mercy only. 62.

Heart disease, Paralysis, Epilepsy and severe mental disorder do not survive by Sadguru's grace. 63.

Many were blessed with sons, with eyes and new lease of life. There is no paucity of marvels if there is faith. 64.

ne who becomes a humble servant of Shri Adaneshwar should not be afraid of any calamity. "The fire has no load of cotton." is the Adaneshwar Aphorism. 65.

Know that the human body is the Temple of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar and it should be cleansed oft and often by devotion to Shri Adaneshwar. 66.

He counsels you in dreams if you resign all your worries to Him and captivate Him by exclusive devotion and beseech Him in times of distress. 67.

As much faith you have that much you will understand The Mighty Master-Divine. Hence meditate upon Him exclusively and discerningly. 68.

He longs for the repast of 'Faith and Devotion' from devotees and the favourite offering to Him is water to drink. 69.

Everybody craves for miracles. To him, Dadaji's retort - "Everybody treats this fleeting mundane life as True. is this not a big miracle?" 70.

If the whole course of nature could have been regulated by miraculous powers, what was the necessity of studying arts and science? 71.

It is impossible to grasp miracles of Sadguru by verbal exuberance. Hence one should not nourish temptation for miracles. Such is the precept of the scriptures. 72.

A coin has two sides - so also miracles are of two types. Know it that miracles of Sadguru are sacred but those of supernatural power are desecrated. 73.

Miracles of Riddhi Siddhi cause uncontrollable spiritual ruin. Whereas miracles of 'purity of mind' can alone bring about elevation of the soul. 74.

Miracles leading to 'purity of mind' should be experienced. Longing for other miracles should be abandoned. Know it that a miracle is there only for awakening. 75.

Through Hatyoga, Riddhi Siddhi may visit your house but the Devotion gets encaged when the reason gets shaky. 76.

ven though you may achieve Riddhi Siddhi - a Devotee can only achieve Sadbuddhi* through the Sadguru devotion. Reason is stabilized through Sadguru-Devotion. 77.

To a loyal aspirant there is no need for other studies to have Siddhis if he once sticks to the udders of Sadguru.78.

Comport of Sadguru-Devotion makes one's intellect stable and Riddhi Siddhi also do prove helpful to a loyal devotee forever.79.

Initially toil all the day - thereafter accrue daily wages. In Transcendental Path also this very straight rule applies.80.

As love for the lotus-feet of Shri Sadguru takes root, spiritual growth becomes feasible. But there always exists fear of public accusation. Fearless attitude is required. 81.

Knowledge and Science are sharpened as soon as those get the support of faithful devotion to Shri Sadguru. Nothing in the `Nature' is imperceptible when the might of Sadguru is gained. 82.

Where the Science is decreed as crippled, there that Sadguru might is matchless and inconceivable. Hence orchards of Adaneshwar-Devotion be got bloomed in one's heart always. 83.

One may employ all Knowledge and Science and amass abundant riches but beggary can never be averted by anything that is man-made. 84.

A minute bit received through the divine grace of Shri Sadguru, is singly plentiful and even after yielding life-long prosperity, it remains in surplus. 85.

Money and science erudition - know, these powers are limited. The Supreme Lord - the prime cause of creation, is inconceivable to the worldly mundane vision. 86.

They who regard 'service to men' as worship of God, who shun the pleasures of life and keep up the spirit of selfless service even during distressful times, are truly great souls. 87.

Ascetics, seekers of supreme wisdom and righteous strive to bring about reconciliation for human welfare. Such devout seekers of absolute Truth, relish the nectar of pious wisdom. 88.

Progress in science helps to promote human welfare. But to instill loving disposition into the human mind, devotion of Shri Sadguru is the only sovereign remedy. 89.

Hence have unflinching faith and relish its pleasant taste yourself. And feel your own actual first-hand experience.90.

Science is the product of knowledge discovered through human intellect. So let us use it with alert vigilance only for the sake of world's welfare. 91.

Let the Religion of Man be followed and let there be worship of one and the one Sadguru. Giving deep thought to the PSALM, let us eye on own interest. 92.

To know physiology, mute lives are mercilessly seized and sacrificed in the name of 'Noble Pursuit of Knowledge'. 93.

Such bloodstained secular science excites demoniacal qualities and invites ruin each day. Way to escape is not visible. 94.

To practise some vow or alms-giving for getting blessed with an offspring is a sign of perverse learning. Then how can the science of 'A Tube Baby' be superior to it? 95.

If horrible missiles are produced and carefully stocked, how can intrepidity, peace, tranquillity be assured to a commoner? 96.

By doing space research subtlest knowledge is sought to be acquired but the mind is not sensitive to the neighbour's weeping. 97.

Science appears to be progressing but the human mind is shattered. Anxiety and discontent have seized every house. Why are the results poisonous like this? 98.

As you take succour in Science ruin is visualized in actual practice. All kingdoms are bewildered_ Even the great is not having sound sleep. 99.

The conduct of blind belief likewise the inertia of materialistic science drive away affinity and transmit disquiet. 100.

When intoxication inflates hysteric and frantic .gambol; then follows dashing and stamping when intoxication calms down. Such is the exciting tumult everywhere. Nobody has mutual regard for anybody. 101.

When there is no devotion lore there is scarcity of pure thoughts. Know that a lifeboat without sails is perilous. 102.

Formerly, nectar-like chemical compounds were prepared even from a deadly poison. But today from that very compound venom is produced. 103.

Hence science that promotes well-being of all and dignifies morals of human family should only be preserved and developed. 104.

Suffering is the cause of one's birth. No one is equipped with worldly knowledge Since birth. Hence to impart knowledge of multifarious nature, there are several preceptors also. 105.

Innumerable are the types of preceptors whose obligations are invaluable. One's life is shaped according to the genre of one's preceptor. 106.

Pedants, entangled in lust and totally dependent upon their passions, may be commanding personalities but never esteem them as knowledgeable men. 107.

Indulging in performing miracles, many great ascetics - of their own initiative -- beguile themselves. 108.

If valuable jewellery could be had by indulging in marvellous phenomenon, why are various plans necessary for the prosperity of a nation? 109.

The scientists, even at the risk of their lives, go to the planets. Why do they believe in 'study, experiments and observa- tions'? 110.

Be on your guard against infatuation for name and fame. He who loses his balance is sure to go to ruin. 111.

Saints and the God-fearing are noble-hearted. They get settled in the devotion of Shri Sadguru. They never indulge in displaying miracles. They value and practise excellent conduct. 112.

Human beings born on the earth are the images of God. The only means to acquire knowledge of 'self' is the devotion to Shri Sadguru. 113.

We admit that the First Power can be confined in an idol and we worship it but if we meet that First Power actually, we get skeptical and bewildered. 114.

One reads the Prowess of the Godhead in books but does not recognize the REAL experience giver. The clog of tradition is not abandoned and is treated as an ornament. 115.

The old tales are revered as true. The actual meaning of existing things is not seen. We run after the Formless leaving the actual Godhead in Form. 116.

Blind beliefs make us move round and around the stump of blind faith and keep us in the same position hindering the progress.117.

As long as physical body and good times give us company external rites and observances are relished delectably. Later on everything gets purposeless. 118.

We clasp blind traditions and strive at random and when exasperated, writhe with thirst and strive for peace to get riddance from the effects of previous deeds. 119.

Our God is in temples, in stones and in fetish and confined to shrines. Such is the ignorance fed. 120.

We worship Lord Shankar in the temple and beseech Him to bless us with His sight. But if He really appears in disguise as a Bhill *it will be difficult to place Him out. 121.

It really requires capability to place Maheshwar if He visits in Form. Similarly deserve yourself to place The Lord Shri Adane­shwar. 122.

Understand the symptoms of The Teacher-Divine. After understanding, appreciate Him and then be stabilized through discerning devotion in the cult of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 123.

We search God in idols but can't perceive Him in the distressed. Similarly even after meeting the 'Sentience in Form' we fail to recognize Him. 124.

Hence be vigilant timely and get stabilized in Shri Adaneshwar-Devotion and leave not pondering over The Lord Adaneshwar even in prosperous time. 125.

Even the one who has experimental knowledge of The Formless Absolute, cannot afford to leave His 'Bodily Form'. Realize that, even for the enlightened and for the fully integrated personality The Lord Adaneshwar alone is venerable. 126.

The canonical aphorism - "Godhead descends to establish the Right and the Righteous" - is to be experienced only by getting firm in the worship of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 127.

When we will be at death's door, what will be our fate in the world to come. That alone is transcendent Knowledge that helps us to furnish ourselves in advance (for the same). 128.

Believing selfishness as the highest objective, wantonness is let loose in the realm of devotion. At last, they say that, devotion is useless. Thus they bring devotion into disrepute. 129.

Today cordiality is almost forgotten. Promise and practice have a vacuum between them. Formalities are mostly superficial. Scarcely one experiences plain dealing. 130.

The one who is given to lustful thoughts and emotions is always dependent on others. That is a life of downfall - How can one attain spirituality? 131.

Invaluable are the obligations of the saints. Hence their anniversary days are observed. Feel the import of their excellent preaching and conduct yourself virtuously. 132.

Mature men of good conduct please every living being and gain self-elevation even if they do not worship idols of stone. 133.

One tries to achieve some piety by visiting Holy places, but you cannot sight Holy places without money. 134.

Even if the pious and men of faith worship idols of stones, they can undoubtedly acquire mental satisfaction - may be only to some extent - on the strength of their faith. 135.

Whereas the faithless, who revel in agnostic queries will never have any peace or fulfillment even if The Lord of Lords - the True Godhead virtually meets them. 136.

A stone steeped in the ocean is quite dry within. Likewise the hypocrite and the faithless are dry and wilt in spite of all teachings. 137.

They who ever thirst for sense-pleasures are adrift from devotion. Such a mind is over-run with weeds of evil propensities wherein wild beasts of evil thoughts dwell. 138.

Those who hold legs of blind beliefs form their own special creed. They ruin the real lore and get settled in darkness of Ignorance. 139.

For a heathen, disdainful discussions are endearing and spiritual and high thoughts do not get response. Ego makes vexatious dance if any unpalatable is sighted. 140.

Distress of a thief is unending. A gambler is always short of money. A beggar is never contented. Similar is the case with those who embrace ersatz devotion. 141.

Just because a sugar cane is sweet it should not be gnawed from its very root. Such a selfish and a greed-blind mind squanders away whatever that is gained. 142.

"One seed begets several fresh seeds." With this broad view in mind, one should always preserve the seed to ensure opulence and peace throughout in one's life. 143.

Those who study the gist of the Shastras and counsel the attributes of Sadguru and show the paths to Sadguru-Devotion, are saint-like. 144.

To acquire devotional-lore of Shri Sadguru, some resort to hearing His lauds and meditation. Such devout inquisitive souls also go along the path followed by saints. 145.

Those who surrender themselves at the blessed feet of Sadguru and practise devotional-lore should be revered as saints and an affectionate feeling towards them be cherished all times. 146.

Those who disregard devotion of Sadguru, go to ruin during this bodily life. Birth after birth, they suffer agonies inflicted by Yama*. 147.

One may fail to do obeisance to others but one should not be a reviler at the defects of others as those very defects cling to oneself. 148.

Never utter anything that may offend other's religious beliefs. Speak about divinity that will be beneficial to the world. 149.

This world itself is a battlefield wherein we are warriors. Everyday we are engaged in a fight against several straits. 150.

Be you only an instrument and lift the bow and arrow of the devotion of Shri Sadguru with a firm belief to ensure victory. 151.

Parents and children, so also the tormented - if solaced and comforted with love -- that worshipful service is also accepted by The Lord Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar. 152.

Those who thirst for the blessings of The Mighty Master-Divine Sadguru, have to follow the rules of Sadguru-Devotion. Sadguru is never bound by devotee's desire. 153.

When you are in the company of Sadguru, mundane problems should not occupy your mind. Always think of Sadguru to get expiated of miseries. 154.

To point out a visible thing to The Sun, is quite absurd. Know it that, it is equally improper to express our worries to Shri Sadguru. 155.

Knowledge starts with the vowel 'Aa' * and ends with the consonant 'Dnya' **. Thus howsoever-verbal knowledge is acquired, finally one realizes that one has remained 'Aadnya' (ignorant). . 156.

"He makes the dumb talk and makes the lame walk." This trait of Godhead is only perused in books. Let its actual proof be studied empirically. 157.

Without the devotion of Shri Adaneshwar, God also will not be understood. Know it well that in Adaneshwar-Devotion only, all Gods are worshipped. 158.

There is only one electric current. Negative and positive wires are twisted and both are reconciled to the original current. This is the requisite to have the light. 159.

Similarly, Lord Shri Adaneshwar is the Original Source of life energy. Faith and devotion should be curled with firm loyalty, and both, must merge in the original current to have peace and tranquillity. 160.

As you enter the bank of the Teacher-Divine and keep the deposit of devotion, you get the original sum of devotion with interest. 161.

The one who did not deposit, hoped in vain. The one who deposited the sum of 'devotion' achieved one's welfare. 162.

To carry the head-load even when one is seated in a vehicle, is absurd. When the vehicle is burdened with the whole load, why toil unnecessarily? 163.

The vote of your faith, when put into the box of Shri Adaneshwar, will cause palpitation even to Yama - The God of Death. 164.

"The one who sheds ego, knowledge and all conceit and ever kneels at the lotus feet of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar is the crown­jewel of Shri Adaneshwar". This is the secret told by The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 165.

Let speech utter any Holy name, yet the divine gift of the Lord Shri Adaneshwar is fructified because Lord Shri Adaneshwar (The Supreme Boatman) is the holder of countless Names (and Forms). 166.

Place full reliance on The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. Trust Him as the real boatman. He will carry you to His abode of bliss speedily to release you from the cycle of life and death. 167.

Merge your 'self' into The Lord Shri Adaneshwar to achieve the sovereignty of the Supreme Bliss. Be an ocean by getting merged into the ocean. 168.

Shake off intoxication of ignorance and interweave a plaited cord of noble thoughts. "If mind is pure and unpolluted, everything can be forgiven and condoned" in the realm of devotion of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 169.

Everyday-conduct should be clean and showiness and empty ostentation should be abandoned. Remember that 'a sweet tongue with poison inside' is an attribute of a rotten fruit. 170.

By accumulating temporary religious merit, temporary bliss of heaven is gained. When the merit is exhausted, one is again entangled in the cycle of life and death. 171.

The search for Truth is Supreme and here verbal acrobatics are useless. Only your own experience will bring meaning to your fife. 172.

The word 'Sugar', if written on a slate, gives only verbal knowledge. Its sweetness cannot be felt without actual experience. 173.

Mere book learning and hairsplitting can never give empirical knowledge of the Truth. Hence, recurrent association of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar is necessary. 174.

Hence have firm faith and enjoy its savour yourself. And feel your own authentic first-hand experience. 175.

As one believes, so one's disposition IS shaped; various experiences occur as per the disposition. 176.

We all are engaged in our worldly duties and obligations through which we seek Supreme satisfaction. Hence, believe inwardly that we are verily saints. 177.

Believe as true that we are verily the images of God - the secret is - The Lord Shri Adaneshwar is seated in everybody. 178.

When one gets termed oneself as God, one begins to entertain doubts about it. Hence, it behoves us to secure the sacred association of the Lord constantly. 179.

To have the benediction of The Infinite, The Teacher-Divine should not be treated as a medium. The Infinite and the God should never- be misconceived as one and the same. 180.

In the whole world, The Lord Shri Adaneshwar alone is worthy of all praise. So hasten to secure His divine blessings to achieve one's spiritual welfare. 181.

The Lord Shri Adaneshwar is the only competent and the powerful to slake the thirst and hunger of all those - the seekers, the coiled, those yearning for deliverance, so also many a accomplished.182.

Like the rays of the sun or the gravitational force of the earth and similarly the waves of an ocean - all these are verily fraction of the aggregate entirety. 183.

In like mann~r devotees firmly established in Adaneshwar­Devotion, are verily The Lord Adaneshwar's own self and are Gods, but to contrive such perfect Sadguru-Devotion, is horrifying like a vow of a Sati*. 184.

Shri Sadguru's excellence is superior to that of a philosopher's stone (paris) because Shri Sadguru upgrades His virtuous devotee to His own rank and makes him equally competent like Him. 185.

In spiritual life, there should be no credit or deferred payment attitude. Your own factual experience will be authentic. Never hover in air by getting skeptical. 186.

Those who desire contentment, for them, Dadaji's advice is - "Be alert and introspect your own shortcomings first. 187.

"Never ponder over the defects of others. Perform virtuous acts disinterestedly. Be discerning and practise devotion with a guileless heart." 188.

"Absorption in Adaneshwar-Devotion is unequalled in merit. Devotion to other Gods and rosaries bestow temporary benefits only." 189.

Remember this piece of counsel and strengthen your faith and devotion. Make The Lord Adaneshwar a captive of your heart to accomplish your worldly duties. 190.

A tot solely depends on its mother; it forsakes all its affection on her. Hence the mother has to carry all its anxiety to the minutest details. 191.

Cherish such love towards Shri Sadguru while conducting your daily affairs. Shri Sadguru Himself carries all the burden of virtuous devotees. 192.

Virtuous devotees of Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar are verily the preceptors of spiritual aspirants. Enrich knowledge of Sadguru­Devotion and opt for what is good and bad in one's interest. 193.

Worldly pursuits enchant the mind, and devotion is confined for selfish interest and the mind is full of various qualms - these should not be termed as 'devotion'. 194.

Never resort to Sadguru-Devotion considering it as a means to obtain worldly benefits. Be constantly fixed in devotion and carry on your worldly duties. 195.

The one who sits under a tree, naturally comes under its shade. Similarly, one who remains established in Sadguru-Devotion, is covered by the canopy of Sadguru Grace. 196.

Keep the Adaneshwar-Devotion incessantly uninterrupted - then you will be saved from sceptre of God of Death. The moment there occurs rift in Sadguru-Devotion, the God of Death pounces upon. 197.

Strengthen your devotion and perceive revelations through your own discretion. Enjoy the honey of spiritual life while managing your family affairs. 198.

To sprout faith is difficult and if sprouted to maintain it, is still more difficult. Hence, destroy wild herbage of misgivings through constant association with the good. 199.

Regular remembrance of Adaneshwar aphorisms springs the dripping of devotion in the heart. Gradually the value of devotion is understood by contriving steady service to The Lord. 200.

Firstly, one must believe oneself. Then one must have strong resolution. Then and then only one may visit the abode of Shri Sadguru to cling to His lotus-feet. 201.

To have peace and contentment, thirst for Sadguru Grace is required without which one cannot live; an intense urge - a heart deep yearning. 202.

Firstly, understand the prowess of Shri Sadguru and thereafter take to righteous devotion, subduing the lustful longings. Then be ego-less by mature experience after achieving the grace of The Lord. 203.

Captivatingly engaging the mind towards The Lord Sadguru­Devotion and steadying the mind through direct experience, and bracing up the fallen by devotional lore, are the attributes of the devotion of an aspirant. 204.

The one who holds steadfastly to the path of Truth but internally knows about misery and leisure -- virtuous, attentive and pure in conduct, overpowers all spiritual powers. 205.

Reputation, honour, accolades, worldly opulence, and earning of money are the parameters of the mundane spiritual lore. Those are relished in normal life. 206.

Shri Sadguru earnestly longed from the heart of heart - "The extrovert should get awakened and be zealous to obtain direct experience to realize The Truth. 207.

"Ransack all paths, have far-reaching experiences and after exhausting every support take to Sadguru-Devotion. 208.

"Realize the glory of Sadguru. Strengthen your self-confidence and experience tranquillity and contentment by contriving unalloyed devotion. 209.

"A pious person, who loves his offspring and the helpless alike, is blessed first by The Lord Shri Adaneshwar. 210.

"If you cannot feel true commiseration for the afflicted, at least never give pains to anyone." 211.

This is an earnest advice to all. Each one should look after one's own interest and be honest in one's heart somewhere. 212.

Like the fathomless ocean, so also the vast sweep of The Ganges - everybody drinks water as per one's capacity. 213.

The sky is spangled with countless jewel-like stars where access is free to all amongst which some become cosmonauts and some, butterflies. 214.

From the ocean clouds shower and the nature gets enlivened. Ultimately all those showers again go into the ocean. 215.

Similarly, The Lord Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar is the mainstay of the whole creation. He is visualized and realized as per one's capacity. All things emanate from and dissolve in Him. 216.

Perform your duties within the frontiers of self-imposed restraints. Your life is bound to be exalted by the grace of Shri Sadguru definitely. 217 .

The one who is really thirsty, alone can relish drinking water. One ne\(er asks drinking water - ''Will my thirst slake?" 218.

As the threads of Sadguru-Devotion are being weaved, social calumny do pursue. But The Teacher-Divine is to be most cared for, more than one's life~ 219.

If you turn your back to The Lord Shri Adaneshwar only disasters will be visiting your house and Brahmadeveven will not be able to offer asylum once the sunshine days are exhausted. 220.

The fruit of peace and happiness can only be had if the weeds of foul intellect are burnt and seeds of good thoughts are sown in the inner mind and further watered by the devotion of Shri Adaneshwar. 221.

Once you are blessed with the light of The Lord Shri Adaneshwar, you should not clasp darkness and get bereft of Light like an owl. 222.

By the grace of Shri Adaneshwar, when you get rid of your misery, 'Hoem' * should be done unforgettably, on the Full-Moon Day, at the Pantheon. 223.

The only prayer to The Lord should be - "Be kind to bless 'me with Sanctified intellect". Keep up also the regimen of ethical conduct in Sadguru-Devotion. 224.

When an emperor is pleased to oblige, luckless person asks for a trifle (like pulse). Pray the mighty to grant musk, which is not obtainable in the world. 225.

Similarly, perceiving Sadguru-Glory, cherish no other desire than praying Him for the "ornament of purified intellect " - the only key to attain supreme satisfaction. 226.

The Royal Geese in the spiritual realm only live the divine part. The Sadguru is the primordial power and His origin is timeless. 227.

o Child of the race of 'a legendary Royal Goose', now at least make haste. Don't miss to understand this profitable counsel of a virtuous devotee of Shri Sadguru. 228.

They who follow Sadguru's liking are never troubled by evil powers. Wrath of deities and goddesses are averted through constant remembrance of Shri.Sadguru. 229.

Genuine loyalty to Shri Sadguru destroys one's evil propensities. It makes one free from harmful vices and urges one's children to be virtuous. 230.

The one whose mind is set in pious thoughts, experiences tranquillity. Children from a family full of Sadguru-Oevotion are always safe and happy. 231.

Those who engage their mind in Sadguru-Devotion while keeping their daily routine, get past seven generations of their race elevated. 232.

Those who attend to their family affairs and get established in Sadguru-Oevotion, will have past twenty-one generations of their race elevated through Sadguru-Devotion. 233.

Those who regard Sadguru-Devotion as their "life-breath" and practise continence, get elevated along with forty-two generations. 234.

Those who have gained divine blessings of Shri Sadguru and are living a benevolent life, exalt and carry eighty-four generations along with themselves. 235.

Rain water falling from the sky, flows through different rivers and brings prosperity to a number of towns. Similarly, fresh sprouts of Sadguru-Devotion elevate several generations. 236.

I endeavoured to narrate the glory of The Lord Adaneshwar as per my limited capacity. Thus, The Psalm has now come to an end through the divine grace of The Lord Adaneshwar. 237.

Read this Psalm with unsullied mind and fervid faith. Meditation is also essential. 238.

The one who reflects on the Psalm, gets one's intellect purified. One's suffering of three kinds will be averted through the grace of The Lord Adaneshwar. 239.

o The Lord Adaneshwar - The Lord of Lords - let me ever have intense longing for You alone. Ever dwell in my heart and release me from the cycle of life and death. 240.

Bless me with the boon of pure intellect and fulfill pious wishes of others also. Awaken all to be able to contrive their spiritual well­being. 241.

o Lord, ever dwell in my heart and vouchsafe fearless devotion to me. Let the ignorant be enlightened and be kind to bless us with perpetual joy and peace. 242.

Thus, this writing of The Lord Adaneshwar-Psalm completed by the grace of The Lord Adaneshwar, is offered at the Lotus-like feet of The Lord Adaneshwar with exclusive faith and reverence. 243.

II 0m, Shanti - Shanti - Shanti* II

II Thus ends the Psalm of Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar - who is Absolute Existence, Pure Intelligence and Infinite Bliss. II

O Sadguru ever Blissful Adaneshwar - The God of Gods - Eradicator of all Sufferings - Obeisance to Thee.

O Sadguru - The Lover of Devotees, The Highest Ecstasy - I nfinite Bliss - Obeisance to Thee.

O White-dressed - The Supreme Power The Lord Adaneshwar - Obeisance to Thee.


Om, Salutations to The Teacher-Divine - The Lord Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar (The Highest Bliss Personified)

By the grace of Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar, this Psalm is completed and thus a tool is accomplished for innumerable spiritual aspirants to practise Devotion. 1.

This Psalm is a gel which will wash off all the three types of miseries. If regularly meditated upon, the abode of Supreme Peace will be achieved. 2.

Seeing the sinking mankind, the Psalm got written and hence the Psalm should be recited and after recitation it should be translated into practice. 3.

Daily reciting the Psalm will make the aspirant aware of the clue of Devotion and sins of the previous lives will be burnt to ashes. 4.

So also on every Full-Moon day, repeated recitation of the Psalm should be done with full faith, and merit should be accredited to one's account. 5.

To have an auspicious day dawned, one should sit for reciting the Psalm early dawn, daily. 6.

For reading this Psalm get ready early in the morning. To sprout Sadguru-Devotion, pledge and resolute vow is essential. 7.

Keeping the body and mind pure, worship of The Lord Adaneshwar be performed in a serene and holy atmosphere, with a blithe mind. 8.

Keeping your seat firm and with full concentration, read aloud the Psalm with fervent faith, five or seven times. 9.

When the recitation is over, sing the carols and canticles of The Lord Adaneshwar and consume at least a bit of Prasad* with deep devotion. 10.

The essence of total human life is detailed in the Adaneshwar Psalm. Cross over this ocean of life with Devotion by repeatedly reading the Psalm. 11.

Stronger the faith, equally stronger will be one's personal experiences. Hence it is essential to contrive total surrender. 12.

The one who takes to Adaneshwar-Devotion, will be bestowed with potential power by The Lord Adaneshwar. One is sure to gain benefits in measure of one's devotion. 13.

Strive to achieve genuine love by employing all tricks and devices and obtain divine bliss of The Lord Adaneshwar through valiant devotion. 14.

The one who plants the sapling of faith and rears it with water of devotion will certainly gain benefits. 15.

A family having only one earning member, often experiences financial difficulties. But a family, in which everybody earns, enjoys opulence. 16.

Hence, everyone in a family should sing the praises of The Lord Adaneshwar at one's home. The home of such a virtuous devotee becomes a home of joy and blessedness. 17.

Therefore adopt and accept genuine devotion discerningly and surrender to Shri Adaneshwar and look after one's own interest. 18.

The one who abandons one's ego and erudition and one strives to be in the company of Shri Adaneshwar will get exalted if one keeps stern faith. 19.

Expanse of Knowledge is boundless. On the path of duty one cannot hold patience. But for both, devotion is the foundation. Without devotion everything is fruitless. 20.

The essence of that valiant devotion is only the support of Sadguru. This is detailed in the Psalm. This is live devotional lore. 21.

The prowess of Sadguru who is the mainstay of the whole Universe, is infinite. The glory of Sadguru-Devotion is matchless and all the Holy Scriptures describe this. 22.

To practise Sadguru-Devotion is the noblest virtue. Hence ward off all misgivings. Know that, fortune is ever fickle. Therefore, strive to contrive Sadguru-Devotion. 23.

With all your might and skill keep your dealings pure and be engaged in your duties with your mind fixed on The Lord Adaneshwar. 24.

Meditate on The Lord Adaneshwar yearningly. Keep composure in adversity. Resign your burden of anxieties on Shri Sadguru. 25.

The one who is full of such deep devotion, is ever protected by The Lord Adaneshwar and attains one's spiritual well-being through ceaseless reverie on Shri Adaneshwar. 26.

The one who incessantly chants the sacred Mantra * - "Om, Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar Samarthaya Namaha" (Om, Salutations to the Almighty, Master-Divine The Lord Adaneshwar) will ever have The Lord Adaneshwar by one's side and the fright of the Time of Time will extinguish eternally. 27

Mayall be inspired to follow this path of devotion. The Lord Adaneshwar is the attendant of such virtuous devotees. 28.

The one who does recitation of this Psalm and revels in the reflections of The Lord Adaneshwar, will certainly attain the highest rank of Teacher-Divine through intense studies. 29.

May such divine blessings - the eternal treasure of virtuous devotees - be showered on all. Let there be singing of the veneration of Shri Sadguru in every house to have perpetual gain of peace and bliss. 30.

By the divine grace of The Lord Adaneshwar this writing of Fruits of Hearing is complete. Let us realize - by knowing the purport - the Divine nature of The Lord Adaneshwar. 31 .

II 0m, Shanti - Shanti - Shanti* II
Dedicated to The Almighty, Master-Divine,
The Lord Adaneshwar.