श्री. सद्गुरू सच्चिदानंद अडाणेश्वर इंग्रजी आरती संग्रह

Song of Praises

Hari om, Triumphs to Shri Adaneshwar,
The Clement of the Meek,
The Love of the Devotees and
The Elevator of the World,
Thou averteth Misfortunes in a Moment
by giving Sacred Ash.

O The Great God,
That Formless and Omnipresent
Supreme Truth which Permeates Animate
and Inanimate is None but Thee.

Through Thy Blissful Grace
Divine Enlightenment is gained.
Heaven comes in Hand
Deliverance arrives Home.

By Sloughing of Erudition and Conceit
if Thou art Remembered
Thou fulfilleth Cherished Aspiration,
by Dispelling Darkness.

Thou -- ever Immersed in
Supreme Felicity - knoweth
the Animate and Inanimate.
Thou art ever Awake to protect Thy Devotees
Sensing the True Feelings.

I n Countless Manifest Forms, Thou dwelleth
In the House of Devotees.
Extinguishing all the Three Kinds of Sufferings,
Thou bestoweth Happiness to many Families.

Saints and Seers bow to Thee
by perceiving Thy Marvels.
O The God of The Universe, Thou art
The Lord of the Three Worlds.

O Lord, by awarding me the Conscious Intellect
Show me the Yond Bank.
And Dodge my Eighty-four Whirligigs
By Thy Grace and Compassion.

With Exclusive Faith I have come to Thy Door.
O The Teacher-Divine, Absolute Surrender to Thee.
Hold this Meek in Thy Hand.


Five Stanzas of Prayer

O The Lord Adaneshwar. The God of Gods,
I bow to Thee. Thou alone art my Refuge.
Let my Mind revel in Thy Meditation.
Be Thou my constant Companion in the World.

I do not crave for any Knowledge,
Nor do I cherish Deliverance and False Ego.
Thy Devotee is Greater than the Gods and Deities.
Hence Dole me the Lore of Devotion.
Be Thou my constant Companion in the World.

Drowned in Three types of Miseries,
I have no Shelter anywhere.
Thou art Omniscient and knoweth Everything.
o The Ocean of Compassion, rush to pick me up.
Be Thou my constant Companion in the World.

Valiant Devotion to Thee alone will Strengthen me.
To be Thy exclusive Servant is the Highest Salvation.
Hence make me Worthy of Thy full acceptance.
Be Thou my constant Companion in the World.

Bless me with Ornament of Pure Intellect.
Dispel the Darkness, and this Temptation and Illusion.
Let that, which is dear to Thee, be dear to me.
Be Thou my constant Companion in the World.

II Triumphs to Shri Sadguru Adaneshwar II